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"The future of metal is saved."


- Z7 Magazine -

Welcome to a new era of Heavy Metal!


Hailing from Switzerland, SILENT CIRCUS represents contemporary Metal in all its facets: massive bass lines, intricate yet crushing drums and first class guitar work that combines heavy riffing, atmospheric acoustic parts and melodic twin leads. On top of this instrumental foundation, singer Peter Haller weaves a vocal tapestry out of harsh screams and catchy melodies that are sure to give you goosebumps every time you hear them!

The diverse songwriting, paired with the personal and intense lyrics completes the picture that is SILENT CIRCUS, proving that there are still young and hungry bands with something to say, who know how to write groundbreaking songs, can handle their instruments and simply are fun to rock out to!

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SILENT CIRCUS is (from left to right):

Sascha Maksymov (guitar); Andi Hasler (bass); Peter Haller (vocals); Cede Dupont (guitar), Pascal Maurer (drums)

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